The Luggage

logue ™ started looking for a STORY, to begin with, by asking you. What do you like to hear?
We asked Canadian immigrants and non-immigrants:
What are the subject areas that are more interesting to you?
We received many good questions! Most of them were already on my list, as they were my questions as well, or/and I have lots of emotions involved in them myself in my process of immigration.
But there was a new question, which was common in most of the answers! I had forgotten to put that question in my list of subjects. However, during all the years after my immigration, this question was always there, living with me, encouraging me and giving me more reason to work hard!

The question is: Why did you immigrate to Canada?

This subject is a critical question for any immigrant;
Immigrants asked this question of themselves before beginning the hardship of immigration, but do they remember the answers in the upcoming years? The answer is essential: to have precise reason to keep going forward, to always remember why they started this long way, for other Canadians, to understand the burden of emotions any immigrant is carrying especially during the first months/ years of immigrations, to appreciate the diverse range of reasons behind immigration, and to understand each other better!

I started responding to this topic with my story.
My luggage to Canada!

If you like to explain to other Canadians the story of your luggage, please fill this form and kindly expect one of us to contact you!

We value your time and interest!

Work steps
1. Filling out the initial form: We will review your answers and will contact you for an appointment.
2. Preparing for the interview: The goal is to have a picture of you, your thoughts and feelings at the time of migration and your original country. The author will research your city/country before the interview, and she will prepare the questions based on the answers on the initial form and provide it to you before the interview. Areas you do not want to talk about are removed, and your suggestions are added.
3. Conducting an interview: The interview is conducted in person (following the protocols and at one of your suggested locations) or on zoom. Its duration depends on your time. An agreement will be signed before the interview to ensure your privacy rights and logue’s copyright. Nothing will be published without your consent.
4. Writing the story: Based on your narrative and the author’s perceptions and research, the first version of the story will be written and provided to you for approval.
5. Adding images: After confirming the original version, the images will be illustrated and shown to you for approval.
Completing the story: Based on all the efforts made between the author and her assistant (s) and yourself, the ultimate story is written, illustrated and ready to be published. The final version will be confirmed with you again before it is published.